Don’t be intimidated by them!

When I hear fashion "experts” say that scarves are really big right now I have to laugh because I have been wearing them for over 30 years…and wearing them well, I might add! They are so much fun and, more importantly, they add great versatility to your wardrobe. It doesn't matter whether you are a professional - wearing high-end suits to work each day, an at-home mom trying to stretch a budget, or if you fall somewhere in between, we all want to get the most bang for our shopping buck. Accessories like necklaces and scarves help us do just that.

Interior decorators will tell you to buy your big ticket items in solids and to add the patterns and color with less expensive throw pillows, area rugs, etc. This idea also works well in fashion. If you buy pants, tops, skirts in solids, you can add entirely different looks with your accessories. The great thing about a scarf is you can have many different looks with the same one, depending on how you decide to wear it.

I hope this page helps give you some new ideas. I’ve also included some videos. I suggest though that you stand in front of a mirror and get creative with your own ideas and see what you like. However you wear them, you are sure to look fabulous!

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